Nixon’s October Surprise

June 8, 2012 in Peace

Well, chalk this up in the “holy shit” category.
“In late October 1968, Beverly Deepe, a 33-year-old Saigon correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, came upon a story that could have changed history. A six-year veteran covering the Vietnam War, she learned from South Vietnamese sources that Richard Nixon’s campaign was collaborating behind the scenes with the Saigon government to derail President Lyndon Johnson’s peace talks.”
Whole story here

” Johnson himself might have been viewed quite differently, recognized more as the President who enacted landmark legislation like the Civil Rights Act and Medicare, rather than the leader forever stained by the catastrophe of the Vietnam War”

Instead, Tricky Dick got the undeserved credit for signing the landmark legislation.

Now, in hindsight, George Bush Sr’s identical action nearly 30 years later isn’t quite so grandiose but is inversely commensurate with global communications technology and therefore reflects the more limited scope of influence these people had. World War One really was their last gasp. Although it has taken a hundred years to reduce the slaughter from millions to thousands.

How many other of these stories will mysteriously appear? So, in the past few years it has surfaced that everything about Vietnam conflict was an engineered lie. Something those of us watching told the world long ago. How much  longer will we allow generals to talk about peace? Politicians to talk about selfless service? Secret agencies to set foreign policy?

There is a generation of humans on this earth, in this country, who have seen what is happening and are prepared to do things right. With integrity. It’s not that this generation is completely naive, they just aren’t willing to murder thousands to push their philosophy.

We have some real problems in this world and it will require individuals who actually feel some responsibility to the planet, love for other living things and a great deal of open communication to keep the wolves at bay. Fortunately, they are addicted to money and because of that they are vulnerable. Please have a look at the article and let the revelations sink in. There will be a small moment or two while your world concept readjusts.

Then? Prepare for real change.