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Yeah yeah yeah, you’ve heard it all before.

Seriously though. We were right. if you were one of us, then you were right too.

You may have decided to do what your folk’s said and make some money. OK.

That game’s old too. Now we are all getting older fast and look at the crap we’ve fallen into.


The morals have degraded to an unrecognizable point. We would have been having seizures forty years ago with just about ten minutes of news today. None of this shit would fly in 1967. Torture? War crimes? ZERO accountability? What have we allowed to happen?

Who are we listening to? You really think they are “experts” ? Get a grip. EPA, FDA, CIA, TSA all one big corporation and we keep slaving to make their bosses  the 1% who own 90%. It ain’t right and you know it.

We were right about more than granola and windmills. We were right about more than organic food and love. We were right about a whole lotta shit and we have to assert ourselves lest these bastards wreck the last kernel of humanity. When you die soon, what will your grandkids be left with? A fake war in Iraq?

Meaningless currency? TeeVee spouting lies about freedom while we are reviled by the rest of the world? Is that what we believe in?

We were right. Listen to us. Ask for our advice and dump the jerks who brought us here. They were wrong. Simple as that.

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