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We were called communists and scum and totally insane. What we wanted was impossible. Bah! World Peace? Contemptable, they said. We wanted an end to needless war based on lies and propaganda, that made disgusting profit for the very few, and in a quantity not worth killing for. We wanted friendly relations between groups of sovereign people. We wanted the trust afforded to those whose rights are worth being protected. Autonomy to live productively and help when I cannot. Opportunities to benefit your fellow beings. These ideals were corrupted by a group of people who have wielded power long enough. Do we humans deserve the right to be sovereign? It doesn’t matter. We are the right to live a life of integrity, because we breathe. We have the right to the truth, we have a right to know what our tax dollars went to, for good or ill. We suffer every day from two things. 1. Unacknowledged shame from the past and methods of sincere reconciliation. 2. Disconnected truth from fact, and lies being produced and sold as partial reality. These are very disorienting to the psyche and modern society is suffering from it. When the truth is the truth, we will all be free.


This site presents the gathered predictions of people in any domain. A ‘Score’of reliability is awarded for length of the forecast, the degree of correctness, how many challenges were accepted before the fundamental truth was acknowledged. The degree of correctness is subjective through on-site dialog, with a base score provided by machine learning algorithm. The persons uttering challenges to the truth are connected to other truths and lies, exposing networks that have goals in common regardless of the overtly stated objectives or sentiment.

When grouped in categories, we-were-right.org presents those with the best predictive track record across an infinite number of subject areas.
In this way, we-were-right.org is the ‘Go-To’ resource when encountering any kind of difficulty from social policy to building trends. Every leader will be placed in a prominent position to provide consulting services. Our leaderboard heroes are available through we-were-right.org on a consultancy or speaking engagement basis. We-were-right.org protects and represents the rights of our leaderboard heroes by providing a venue to display their unique talent at predictive analysis in any domain.
Participation in we-were-right.org speaking engagements or events is strictly voluntary and any compensation is merely to ensure the convenience of our talent.
We-were-right.org wishes to become a B-Corp entity in the state of Massachusetts.

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Crowdsourcing is only half of the story. Self pruning relevance trees are possible through text analysis of the news publications and user suggested URL’s. We need some help to pull this off. Please contact us if you would like to help: info (at) we-were-right.org

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